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Aviation abbreviations


Abbreviation Term
AC Air condition
A/C Air craft
AD Airworthiness directive
ADF Automatic direction finder
A&E Airframe and engine
Alc Alcohol (as in alc.prop)
AP Auto(matic) pilot
ATS Automatic throttle system
ASI Airspeed indicator
360CH 360 channel radio
720CH 720 channel radio
CG Centre of gravity
CHT Cylinder head temperature
Comm/COM Communications
Cont Continental (eng)
CS Constant speed propeller
DG Directional gyro
DME Distance measuring equipment
EGT Exhaust gas temperature
ELT Emergency locator transmitter
Enc Alt Encoding altimeter
FBO Fixed base operation
FD Flight director
FREMAN, FREM Factory remanufacture
GEM Graphic engine monitoring
GPH Gallons per hour
GR Glide ratio
GS Glideslope
hp Horsepower
HSI Horizontal situation indicator
IFR Instrument flight rules
ILS Instrument landing system
3LMB/MB 3 light marker beacon
LOC Localizer
LRF Long range fuel (capacity)
Lyc Lycoming (engine)
MK Mark (model of equipment)
MPH Miles per hour
NAV Navigation
NAV/COM Navigation/communications
NDB Non-directional beacon
NDH No damage history
OAT Outside air temperature
OBO Or best offer
O/Oxy Oxygen
P&W Pratt and Whitney (engine)
RMI Radio magnetic indicator
RNAV Area navigation
SCTOH Since chrome top overhaul
SCMOH Since chrome major overhaul
SFREMAN/SFRM Since factory remanufacture
SMOH Since major overhaul
SPOH Since prop overhaul
STC Supplemental type certificate
STOH Since top overhaul
STOL Short take off and landing
T&B Turn and bank
TBI Turn and bank indicator
TBO Time between overhauls
TT Total time
TTAE or TTE Total time aircraft engine
TTAF or TTA Total time aircraft frame
TTSN Total time since new
VFR Visual flight rules
VHF Very high frequency
VOR Very high frequency Omni-Range
Xpdr Transponder