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COPA protects Personal Aviation and promotes it as a valued, integral and sustainable part of the Canadian Community.




Membership Services

  • COPA will provide timely, accessible services and assistance that meet the needs as valued by the members.


Influencing Governments

  • COPA will be proactively influential in representing the membership’s interests within the political context with all levels of government.



  • COPA will raise public awareness and increase understanding of complex issues facing personal aviation.


Engage and Empower the Membership

  • COPA will engage and empower its membership to champion issues of importance to the organization.


International Intelligence

  • COPA will monitor trends and selectively exert pressure to influence the processes that determine international issues and communicate the importance of these issues to the Canadian aviation community.


The Voice

  • COPA will be the strong, recognized and credible voice for personal aviation in Canada.



  • COPA will work with other entities to encourage a vibrant and healthy aviation infrastructure.


Regulatory Issues

  • COPA will promote realistic processes and practical approaches to develop, understand and interpret rules and regulations that apply to personal aviation.