Licencing Issues


Aviation Document Booklet

  • The Aviation Document Booklet has an expiry date printed on the first page, where your photo is printed, take a look at it.  All ADB have a five year life span and need to be renewed.

Keeping current

  • To remain legal, besides having a current medical, there are things pilots must do at least every six months when carrying passengers, every two years for everyone, within six months or one year and every two years for IFR pilots, and if you have not flown as pilot-in-command for at least five years.

Acceptable Pilot Documents in Canada and the US

  • Countries accept, for the most part, the flight crew documents of another country, as long as they conform to the internationally accepted standards as determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Second Student Pilot Permit

Downgrading to an Ultralight Pilot Permit

If you lose your logbook

  • Here is the Canadian Aviation Regulation that tells you what to do if you lose your logbook:

Downgrading a CPL to an RPP

  • Is it possible to obtain a Recreational Pilot Permit on the basis of a Private or Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence?

High Performance Rating

  • We heard recently from a COPA Member who noted that his licence carried the wording “all single engine, single pilot aeroplanes…except high performance aeroplanes”.

Pilot licences

Foreign licence validation

  • Non-Canadians interested in validating foreign licences to fly recreationally in Canada

Foreign Licence coversion

  • Non-Canadians interested in converting foreign licences to a TCCA licence 

Dual instruction for type conversion

  • A COPA member recently wrote to find out who can give dual instruction on an aircraft.

TATC Appeals

  • The old Civil Aviation Tribunal has served the aviation community very well since its inception in 1986. In fact the CAT has been so successful that on 30 June 2003 it became “multimodal”, hearing appeals from rail, shipping and other modes of transportation.

Studying for the radio licence

  • While aircraft in Canada no longer need a radio station licence, people who use the radio still need a Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Certificate.

Exam Scents

  • Have you ever prepared for a TC exam by doing lots of studying, then getting all dressed up for the trip to the Transport Canada Centre including slapping on some aftershave or perfume?

Aircraft Radio Station Licences and Pilot Radio Operator

  • The subject of radio station licences and radio operator certificates causes confusion each year, especially for pilots flying to the USA from Canada and to Canada from the USA.

Where Pilots do Badly on Written Exams

  • It is always interesting after writing an exam to see where you did badly and where you need to brush up.

Getting a Float Rating

  • A COPA member recently asked a good question. He said “I have a friend who has a floatplane - can he give me a floatplane rating or not?”

Beware of US requirements for Canadian pilots wishing to fly a US registered aircraft in the US

  • COPA has received conflicting reports from members about what steps are required to be able to fly a US registered aircraft in the US based on their Canadian licence. We discovered incomplete, unclear and conflicting information in the various FAA FARs and other documents that explain the requirements and the process for obtaining and maintaining a US certificate.