International Flying


Cross Border Surver Results
While searching for cross border statistics to provide to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) regarding crossing the border in a Personal Aircraft, COPA could not find any recent data and decided to conduct a survey that would ask pilots’ trends. This endeavor was designed in collaboration with AOPA and supported by APBQ, EAA US and EAA Canada.

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COPA survey on CBSA IAPI

  • COPA highlighted that the fundamental issue of CBSA IAPI, is the elimination of duplication. Since all pilots must complete the US eAPIS reports for entering and exiting the US, it would be a relatively simple extension for the US to send information to Canada for their security purposes. To provide data to CBSA, COPA conducted a survey in collaboration with AOPA and supported by APBQ, EAA US and EAA Canada.

Flying in another country

  • Can a Canadian Private Pilot Licence holder rent airplanes in other countries?

International travel and the new CAT III Medical Validity Periods

  • QUESTION: I’ve been asked whether it is permissible for a Canadian pilot to fly a Canadian registered aircraft with their Canadian pilot's license and Canadian medical license in the US even if their Canadian medical license’s duration period is beyond the time duration that would be acceptable in the US and ICAO Annex 1, para. Canada has a 3rd­class medical license that allows for 5 years duration if the person is less than the age of 40 years. That medical licensing duration period is not in accordance with ICAO Annex 1, para.

Flying in Mexico, The Bahamas and the Caribbean

Flying in Australia

  • A COPA member recently asked whether the holder of a Canadian Private Pilot licence could rent airplanes in Australia. It seems that he is travelling there on vacation and wants to do some air-touring while down under.

Flying to the United States on a Pilot Permit - Recreational

  • A COPA member recently asked whether it is possible to fly a Canadian certified aircraft to the USA if you hold just a Pilot Permit – Recreational.

Canadian pilots flying to the USA

American pilots flying to Canada

  • COPA and its United States sister organization, AOPA, have developed a book called "The Cross Border Flying Operations Manual". This publication contains over 150 pages and includes everything you need to know to fly in either country. It is available on both the COPA and AOPA Web sites in the "member’s only sections" for free.

Canada Customs Procedures

  • COPA members who attended the 2004 COPA Convention had a chance to ask questions directly to Canada Customs staff. They couldn’t provide answers to some of the questions that were asked, but instead sent us a written response.

Some TIBS for Contacting US Flight Information Services from Canada

  • Until now, it has been almost impossible to reach a US Flight Service Station from Canada because, except for very few locations in Canada the universal 1-800-WX-BRIEF number is inaccessible from Canada.

Flying to Alaska

COPA’s International Efforts For Your Freedom to Fly - By Kevin Psutka

  • COPA is active on several fronts beyond our borders in order to protect your freedom to fly. COPA Director Frank Hofmann and I recorded the following video to explain how our efforts with AOPA US and the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) influence international decision-makers and ensure that they consider the needs of our sector of aviation when they develop international standards.