All aircraft need insurance

  • Recent conversations with several aircraft owners have shown that there are still owners out there who do not realize that aircraft liability insurance is mandatory in Canada!

Rental insurance requirements

  • A COPA member recently wrote and asked about the requirement to carry additional insurance when you rent an airplane.

Insurance when renting planes privately

  • A COPA member recently asked about rental insurance.

Insurance for GPS, radios and headsets

  • A COPA member recently had his aircraft broken into by thieves.

Building an aircraft

  • If you are building your own ultralight or amateur-built aircraft then Work-in-Progress Insurance is something to consider.

Renting Out Your Aircraft

  • We have had several questions recently about renting out your aircraft as a way to allow other pilots to fly your plane. This can be done with only two considerations – one regulatory and the other insurance, of course.

AD&D Insurance

  • AD&D -An insurance product all pilots have been waiting for a long time!