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This is the COPA political feedback page.
The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association launched this section for aviators to be proactive with political issues affecting general aviation.

It is COPA's experience that its influence is more effective when members send a large number of "individual messages" to the people in power.

This web page makes it easier for COPA members and other aviators to add even more volume to COPA's voice.



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Current issues

Your airport or private aerodrome is at risk! Amendments to the Aeronautics Act, Regulations  

Updated November 20, 2014

By Kevin Psutka, President and CEO 

When I took this job in 1996, the number one issue that occupied my time was aerodromes, from the right to have an aerodrome on your property to ensuring that a system of airports serving GA remains and that our sector continues to have access to larger airports with minimal fees and restrictions.

After all these years, with new issues being introduced such as privatization of the air navigation system and the security aftermath of 9/11, aerodromes remains the number one issue facing COPA.

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» COPA submits brief to Parliament

Thank you all who have sent comments and email responces expressing agreement with COPA's submission and the need for a focus group to Transport Canada!

Intervenez: votre aéroport ou aérodrome privé est à risque!

Amendements à la Loi sur l'aéronautique, Règlements - Besoin de consulter lors de la construction d'aérodrome

Merci à tous ceux qui ont envoyés leurs commentaires et leur accord à la soumission de la COPA et en particulier du besoin d'un groupe de travail thématique.

Call to Action for Ontario members - Contact your MPP now

By Kevin Psutka, President and CEO | 17 October 2014

The most recent election in Ontario was triggered by a budget, which included a 4 cent per litre increase in the tax on aviation gasoline, making Ontario the highest taxing province for this fuel. There was no consultation with our sector and furthermore the budget clearly stated that the money generated from our sector would be spent on priorities other than aviation.

The government that proposed the tax increase won the election and proceeded with the increase in four one-cent increments, starting in September 2014.

It is clear that action will only be taken when the Ontario government fully understands the tax increase’s consequences from a broad and diverse group of stakeholders. COPA is combining its efforts with other industry Associations but it is very important for individuals to also take up this issue. As the Ontario Legislature begins a new session this Fall, it creates an opportunity to again press for a reconsideration of this flawed attempt to raise revenue. I call on all Ontario members to contact their MPPs with a copy of a letter that was sent to Premier Wynne. If possible, meet with your MPP and hand the letter to him/her and back it up by putting in your own words why this tax increase will damage the economy. If you cannot have a face-to face meeting, at least call your MPP and send a copy of the letter then follow up and press for action.

MPP contact information can be found here.

It is important to emphasize that there are two facets to this issue. Others, like the National Airline Council of Canada, are pressing for relief from taxes on jet fuel (see Ontario Budget Throws Wrench in Province's Economic Engine). COPA fully supports their efforts but we also want to emphasize that the tax on aviation gasoline will hurt an equally important sector of transportation and the economy.

Background on this issue, including previous correspondence and responses from the Premier, are below.

Supporting Documents

Related background information

Council votes to close Waterville, N.S. airport this year

By Gary Dunfield

The local municipal council voted March 10 to close the Waterville, Nova Scotia airport at the end of September 2014. There is a fair amount of distress in the local aviation community as the nearest all weather airport usable as a base for the 25-plus airplanes at the airport is 130 km away and the nearest summer only strip is about is 65 km. There are questions being asked as to whether this is legal and whether they can actually make such a decision.

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