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DIY ramp check

By Adam Hunt


Yes now pilots and aircraft owners can save time and money by doing their own aircraft ramp checks! Is this a new campaign by Transport Canada to save money on enforcement? Actually it is a new safety campaign! Some pilots live in constant fear of being “pulled over” by a TC Inspector for an impromptu ramp check.

They are never sure if they have the right documents with them to satisfy the CARs. Now you don’t have to wait to be “pulled over” – you can do your own ramp check on yourself. Use this Ramp Check Form and conduct your own check. CAR references are included so you will know “where it says that”. There are separate forms for ultralights and non-ultralights alike.

If you discover that you are missing any required documents, any have expired or you are missing other requirements you can take the time to fix the problem before you go flying and encounter a genuine TC Ramp Check!