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Chock to Chock by Dale Neilson

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Flight planning and the Canada/U.S. border - “When we cancel an IFR flight plan, we cannot assume that alerting services will be kept open when crossing the border. We must file a separate VFR flight plan to cover ourselves.”


Pressure, pride can cause us to bend airplanes - Too many of us try to save a landing from an unstabilized approach resulting in a hard landing, a bounced landing, a porpoise or a trip through the weeds.


What is safe and what is legal - The CARs are pretty clear about what the legal requirements are for VFR flight. Most of us follow the rules, but some of us are still getting ourselves into trouble when the weather along the route is worse than expected or it changes suddenly.


My criteria for declaring an emergency - Too many of us are still not making use of all the services available to us/ Crash, Fire, Rescue is one of them. I have heard from many pilots at various flying clubs that there is too much paperwork involved with declaring an emergency. This is simply not true. There is no paperwork.