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COPA Chair Paul Hayes


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Informing members about recent intervention by COPA Board - The Executive of the Board of COPA, backed by a majority of the full Board, has recently taken steps in relation to a sitting Director, Doug Ronan. The action was necessary, decisive and, as determined by the Board, in the best interests of COPA. This note is intended to quell the rumors that have been circulating and to ensure the facts are available to our members.


Your freedom to fly - As many of you are no doubt aware, one of the significant financial operations in COPA is the Freedom to Fly Fund, formerly known as the Special Action Fund.

Votre liberté de voler - Comme plusieurs d'entre vous sont sans doute au courant, une des opérations financières significatives à la COPA est le Fonds Liberté de voler, anciennement connu sous le nom de Fonds spécial d'action.



COPA Girls Week and Women of Aviation Worldwide - I hope that everyone has had the opportunity to read the excellent article on the front page of the November issue of our COPA Flight newspaper, in which our President and CEO announces COPA’s partnering with the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide to make the week of March 4-10, 2013 “COPA Girls Week.”

Semaine COPA des filles et des femmes de l’aviation mondiale - J ’espère que tout le monde a eu l’opportunité de lire l’excellent article sur la page couverture de l’édition de novembre de notre journal COPA Flight, dans lequel notre Président et Chef exécutif annonce le partenariat de la COPA avec l’Institut pour les femmes de l’aviation mondiale afin de promouvoir la semaine du 4 au 10 mars 2013 en tant que “Semaine COPA des filles.”