Weight and Passenger Seats

  • Non-certified amateur built fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft will no longer be limited by weight or by passenger occupancy.

Homebuilt aircraft and PST

  • A COPA member called to say that the provincial government had sent him a bill for provincial sales tax on his recently completed and registered Glasair.

Importing an amateur built

  • A COPA member recently wrote and asked about the current CARs governing the import of a homebuilt into Canada from the US. He had found a homebuilt Sonerai II in the US and wanted to know if it could be imported.

Propeller clearances

  • A COPA member recently asked what is the minimum ground clearance for a propeller.

Using amateur-built aeroplanes to earn higher licences

  • Recently a COPA member asked whether there were any restrictions on using amateur-built aircraft to earn higher licences in Canada, as there are with ultra-light aeroplanes.