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Pilots to Pilots


As a senior citizen COPA pioneer I still enjoy the freedom of flight. On Monday, Nov. 26 2012, I took advantage of a rare perfect day to keep myself in the groove.

Departing Boundary Bay (CZBB), after a simulated ILS approach to Abbottsford, my next destination was Chilliwack. Light aircraft were ejecting from the woodwork. After several touch and goes it was time to head for home base. Over Hatzic Lake I had to take evasive action to avoid two aircraft that had the right of way.

I split the Langley and Pitt Meadows control zones and picked up the CZBB ATIS. Monitoring the outer tower I was suddenly aroused by a query if I was on frequency. My affirmative response elicited that I had traffic at 1 o’clock, eastbound, my altitude.

My scan was obscured by the low setting sun. With a slight right turn the aircraft was spotted and avoided. The system works – To live to fight another day!

I am indebted to CZBB tower controller, Benjamin Hendrickson, for his foresight and traffic conflict advisory. If it were not for him I may not have been writing this.


ed. I am glad that you had a non-event thanks to the watchful eye of the Nav Canada controller and your wisdom in monitoring the control zone frequency before entering the zone. Many collisions and near collisions occur in the area just outside of control zones so it is wise to monitor the frequency well in advance of entering.